Faith Song

We believe in His story
We live out our mission
To share in His life, death and resurrection
We celebrate the journey
of faith and learning
to develop our body, spirit and mind

We listen to scripture
partake in the Mass
Prepare our hearts for all the sacraments
We model forgiveness
and share our voice
to spread the Good News
with God we rejoice

‘Cause we all have faith
(we believe in Jesus)
We’ve gotta have faith
(and learn from the Bible)
We all need faith
(to make good choices)
And we’re proud to have faith
in Jesus Christ!

We model our Maker
praying for justice and peace
and sharing our hope of equality
We work together in community
Knowing all life is precious
Love is what the world needs

We care and respect our
world and our families
We are grateful for God and creation
We're called to serve others,
be compassionate thinkers,
and respect and care for our environment

We’ve gotta have faith
(and make a difference)
We’ve gotta have faith
(and share our talents)
We’ve gotta have faith
(and keep on learning)
We’re proud of our faith
our Catholic identity!

Composed by Lori Lynn Stapleton
Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board


Curriculum Coordinator of Religious Education
Lori Lynn Stapleton