Religious Education

As a Catholic educational community, we are committed to the constant deepening of our vision and mission. We must intentionally work on our primary identity as a board which exists to promote and embrace the love of God which comes to us through Jesus and the community of the Church. Catholic education is ultimately about a world view. Everything we do, every course we teach, needs to be infused with Catholic values and content. All activity, all knowledge and all truth are filtered through the lens of our faith. The program in a Catholic school must be about the interaction between our faith and our lives. Catholic values are important components of the school climate; they are expressed in words, in the sacraments, in how the individuals behave and in our interpersonal relationships. The Catholic school system maintains strong links between the home, school and Church, and parental participation in the education of students is highly encouraged. These links provide for a natural reinforcement and development of Christian values in the Catholic tradition.


Curriculum Coordinator of Religious Education
Lori Lynn Stapleton