Early Intervention

      Reading achievement is the foundation for success throughout the school years. As our youngest learners enter into our elementary schools in the Huron- Perth Catholic DSB, we believe that to sow the seeds for literacy development, nurture and cultivate them, is the very essence for developing reading and writing skills, abilities and knowledge that are critical for today and tomorrow.

We believe that children who successfully learn to read in the early primary years are well prepared to read for learning and for pleasure in the years to come. It is imperative that we identify students who are struggling with learning to read in the early years, and provide early intervention to those who require it. Students who are slightly below their peers may be eligible for our Fifth Block reading intervention program, an intensive, 16-week program designed to give students a boost. We are very fortunate to have four Literacy Resource Teachers deliver this program every afternoon in four schools in our system. The gains made in this program are generally maintained throughout a student’s academic career.

Early Intervention Focuses on:

Phonetic Awareness
Concepts of Print
Letter Identification
Letter Sound Identification
Oral Language
Sight Words
Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Independent Reading