Best Start

Best Start will:

  • help parents support their children
  • help children in Ontario be ready to achieve success in school when they start Grade 1
  • help make the transition to Grade 1 as smooth, seamless and successful as possible
  • make high quality early learning and care available for our youngest learners
  • provide a variety of parenting supports
  • help identify and provide support to children who need extra help
  • build on partnerships with communities and with the federal and municipal levels of government.

Research says:

  1. The early years from conception to age 6 have the most influence of any time in the life cycle on brain development and subsequent learning, behaviours and health (McCain and Mustard, 1999).
  2. Learning begets learning: learning is a dynamic process and is most effective when it begins at a young age and continues through adulthood (Heckman, 2000).
  3. Children who are ready to learn when they start school are more likely to complete school, find employment and make positive contributions to society (Hertzman and Keating, 1999).

If you have any questions about our Board's Best Start Program, please contact Martha Dutrizac or Dawne Boersen.

Best Start Locations

St. Aloysius, Stratford
Holy Name of Mary
St. Mary’s, Listowel
St. Patrick’s, Dublin
St. Joseph’s, Stratford
St. Ambrose, Stratford

St. Mary’s, Goderich
Sacred Heart, Wingham
St. Joseph’s, Clinton
St. Boniface, Zurich


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