Institute for Catholic Education (ICE)

The Ontario Institute for Catholic Education brings together, works with, and assists organizations that share responsibility for English Catholic education in their efforts to promote and maintain publicly-funded Catholic schools animated by the Gospel and reflecting the tenets of the Catholic faith.


  • To foster a common vision on issues and policies that promotes and protects Catholic education.
  • To enhance collaboration among the partners in English Catholic educational community.
  • To maintain effective liaison with our francophone partners in Catholic education as together we strive to maintain, foster and develop the special characteristics of Catholic education.
  • To keep alive the historical contribution to Catholic education of religious communities of both men and women.
  • To participate, when requested and with the agreement of all the partners, in discussions with the other churches or religious groups in Ontario regarding their views and positions on religious education.
  • To arrange periodic gatherings of representatives from every sector of the Catholic education community for the purpose of exploring together contemporary issues in Catholic education.

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