Special Education

Philosophy of Special Education Services

The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board's philosophy of Inclusion is intrinsically linked to our Catholic faith and core beliefs.

In the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board, every effort is made to ensure that students have the opportunity to attend their home school with their age-appropriate peers. Hence, it is critical that students be included in the school community to the highest degree of independence possible. Meaningful inclusion means that students are an intrinsic part of the school community and are provided with opportunities for personal growth through a carefully planned and judiciously executed program. Such expertise will provide for active participation in the school community. All school staff must make every effort to develop the full potential of every child.

We believe that . . .

  • All students educated in our schools have the right to learn, to live and to contribute as responsible Catholics in society
  • The Board is committed to the principle that all students registered within its schools shall be welcomed into their home school
  • Every student has the inherent right to a caring, effective and inclusive education
  • The home classroom shall be the regular classroom with appropriate support
  • All students have a right to participate fully in opportunities for learning and growth appropriate to their needs, abilities and gifts
  • A recognition and celebration of individual differences and unique gifts is to be encouraged and supported among pupils, parents and staff of this Catholic school board
  • Parents, as prime educators of their children, will be consulted in determining the appropriate program for their child and receive ongoing information regarding their child's progress
  • Effective and ongoing communication among parents/guardians and school/system staff is critical for the development of a relationship of trust and mutual respect
  • Shared responsibility among teachers, parents, students, school and system staff will enhance the participation of exceptional students in the school community
  • That the Ontario Curriculum is designed for all students and that instructional practices must reflect the abilities, needs, interests and learning styles of students of both genders and all racial, linguistic and ethno cultural groups
  • In the school community, each individual member is valued, diversity is celebrated as the norm, people are of equal worth, relationships are of mutual benefit, and belonging is nurtured
  • That inclusive education is one of the foundations on which our philosophy of Catholic education is built

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Rhonda Regier
Special Education Curriculum Coordinator