Rates and Categories

In accordance with the Education Act, the Huron-Perth Catholic DSB may make available school facilities and premises for any educational or lawful purpose which it may deem proper, provided that it does not interfere with the proper conduct of the school, or does not violate the teaching of the Catholic Church.

All fees are based on the following group categories as determined by the Huron-Perth CDSB and Ministry of Education.  Payment must be made using cash or cheque (payable to the Huron-Perth CDSB) within 10 days of your permit being approved.  Groups not listed in the categories below will be at the discretion of the HPCDSB.

GROUP A – Exempt

  1. Use of school facilities under a reciprocal agreement are deemed to be “Exempt”.
  2. Activities sponsored by the Board.
  3. All activities or programs sponsored by groups within the school system, such as:
  4. Parent-teacher association meetings
    -    School council meetings
    -    Student council activities
    -    Employee union or federation meetings
  5. Meetings or activities sponsored by the Catholic Parent-Teacher Association and/or School Advisory Council.
  6. General meetings or activities of Community Health Associations.
  7. All activities or programs of youth groups under the leadership of a responsible adult, such as: Boy Scouts, Cubs, Girl Guides, Brownies, 4-H Clubs, Junior Farmers' Clubs, Church Youth Groups and similar groups.
  8. Meetings and social functions of, or sponsored by, Church associated groups such as Parish Councils, C.W.L., C.Y.O., K. of C., and similar parish groups.
  9. Community functions sponsored by local community recreational commissions.
  10. Meetings of recognized community service clubs.
  11. Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections.
  12. Local organization functions approved by the school Principal.
  13. Registered charitable organizations, such as Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Canadian Cancer Society.

Classroom/Library/Seminar Room - $6.00/hr
Gym/Cafetorium - $9.00/hr

  1. Adult activity and recreational groups including instructional dance clubs sponsored by other than a recognized community recreational commission.
  2. Industrial or business athletic groups and leagues for purposes authorized by the school Principal.
  3. Concerts, travelogues and other functions sponsored by service clubs and other local non-profit organizations where the admission charge is used to help defray expenses and/or for charitable work in the community authorized by the school Principal.

Board employee events outside of regular school hours approved at the discretion of the principal.

GROUP C – Commercial
Classroom/Library/Seminar Room - $15.00/hr
Gym/Cafetorium - $35.00/hr

  1. Activities sponsored by a profit-making group or individual.  Admission may or may not be charged.  If admission is charged, funds derived are for the benefit of the organization.
  2. All other groups not included in Groups A & B authorized by the school Principal.

Rates will be applied to a permit by the Community Use of School coordinator based on the information provided within the permit.  This applies to hourly rates as well as custodial fees.  Please be specific in regards to what you require of the custodian.  Should the use of a facility result in custodial hours beyond what was requested, permit holders may be invoiced an additional fee.

Examples of fee calculation:
An adult recreational volleyball group books a gymnasium for two hours per week for 24 weeks, does not require any custodial assistance but does need to purchase insurance:
Permit fee: 2 hours x 24 uses = 48 hours  x $9.00 per hour (Group B) = $432
OSBIE insurance cost: $150 + pst = $162

A local Community Theatre books gymnasium space to rehearse for three hours on two occasions, requires custodian to open and close on each occasion and provides their own insurance:
Permit fee: 3 hours x 2 uses = 6 hours x $9.00 per hours (Group B) = $54
Custodial charge: 3 hour minimum @ $30 per hour = $90 x 2 uses = $180