Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long before my event should I request a permit?
You need to request your permit as far in advance as possible, preferably 2 weeks before the first booking.   

2) Do all schools cost the same?
The rental fees do not vary from school to school within our Board i.e. a single gym at one school will cost the same as a single gym at any other HPCDBS school.    

3) Why do you need to know how many participants?
Our on-site staff needs to be aware of how many people will be entering the building. This information is also required for Ministry reports and to ensure participant numbers do not exceed maximum capacity.

4) Can we rent out classroom space?
Secondary School Classrooms can be requested by community groups. Elementary Classroom space is not normally available.  Special permission is needed to rent elementary classroom space.

5) What if I want a room that is not listed?
Typically, gyms, auditoriums, library/seminar rooms, secondary school classrooms and cafeterias are the facilities approved for community use. If you wish to use another facility please contact the Community Use of School coordinator at 519-345-2440 ext. 341 to discuss. Specialized areas are not available for community use e.g. weight/exercise rooms, computer labs, food studies and technological areas.

6) What times can I request?
On a school day, you can request anytime between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.  On the weekend, permits usually start no earlier than 8:00 am and go no later than 10:00 pm (except for special events).

7) What does the red highlighted area mean?
Red indicates that there is a conflict with the time or date. That particular space is not available during that time on the date you have requested. You can hold your curser over it to receive an explanation. Left click on it to adjust the time, day or school.

All the conflicts can be removed by clicking on 'remove'. All PD Days, long weekends, Secondary School exams and board holidays (including March Break, Christmas and summer) will show as conflicts as they are not available. Please remove the conflicts before proceeding.

8) Our group wants to use school equipment.
Permit holders are allowed the use of the tables, chairs, volleyball standards and basketball nets that are located at that school. The use of any other equipment at the school is at the discretion of, and must be arranged through, the principal well in advance of your booking (e.g. projection screen).   Use of specialized sound equipment, computers and related technology are prohibited.

9) What if we need to make changes to our permit once we have input it and/or it is approved?
Changes and additions can be requested through your permit on-line.  At least 5 days notice is required. After you have made the changes to your permit, please note the date and details of the change(s) you have made in the Comments section at the end of the permit.

10) If I have a question about my permit what should I do?
There is a 'Discussion' tab at the top of your permit. Click on the tab and enter your question here. Facility Rentals will respond.  Alternatively, you can contact the Community Use of Schools Coordinator at 519-345-2440 ext. 341 or by email at

11) Once I submit my request is it approved?
No. There may be other requests ahead of yours that can only be seen from our administrative side of the data base. Community Groups must wait until the permit is approved before promoting their event.

12) How long will it take before my request is approved?
Depending on when you input your request it could take up to three weeks but in most circumstances, will be approved or denied within 10 days.

13) How will I know if my permit is approved?
Once your permit has been approved, you will receive an e-mail copy. There may be some dates missing from your original request. Be sure to check the dates in the listing.

14) What is required for the Certificate of Insurance?
The Certificate of Insurance must name the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board as an 'additional insured' with a minimum liability coverage of $2,000,000. It must be a current certificate that covers all of the dates on your permit.

If you cannot provide a Certificate of Insurance, coverage can be purchased through the School Board. Please indicate that you require insurance when inputting your permit.

15) When I checked the calendar it didn't show any bookings for the date I was looking for yet the permit was not approved. What happened?
Until a permit is approved it will not appear on the calendar. When the volume is high, there will always be a number of permits in pending status. A permit reverts to pending status when a group makes an alteration to an existing permit. We will do our best to approve changes and new permits as soon as possible after they are received.