St. André Bessette Trust Fund

Mission Statement

The mission of The St. André Bessette Trust Fund is in keeping with the mission of Jesus Christ, whose primary concern was for those who may find themselves in need.  The Fund will support those in our Catholic schools whose learning and well-being would be enhanced by the benefits it would provide.

Why a St. André Bessette Trust Fund?

The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board recognizes that sometimes existing resources do not always fulfill each and every individual need.  The St. André Bessette Trust Fund has been established to help students’ families whose needs are beyond what organizations such as food banks, snow suit funds, breakfast clubs and the like, can offer.

How it works...

Funded entirely by gifts, charitable donations and bequests from individuals and corporations, The St. André Bessette Trust Fund is overseen by a committee of community volunteers and Huron-Perth employees.  It is important to note that 100% of all monies donated to the Fund are disbursed to those in need, and all administrative and committee work is carried out by volunteers.

How you can help...

There are a number of ways - large and small - that you or your company can support the work of the St. André Bessette Trust Fund as charitable donations are truly the foundation of the work carried out through this initiative. 

Organizations may contribute by making The St. André Bessette Trust Fund the recipient of the proceeds from a special event.

  • Many companies also offer matching gift programs and incentives that will double, even triple a donation’s value.
  • The Fund also accepts gifts in kind for our own fundraising initiatives.

To make a donation, please fill out the attached form and send your donation to the listed address or drop off at your local Huron-Perth Catholic School.  For gifts in kind, feel free to contact us for more information or download the brochure.

St. André Bessette Trust Fund Annual Report 2013

Donation Form